Alpha Class Cyborg unit 64
::Alpha Class Cyborg unit 64::
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The android seemed unphased by the Gatling guns, instead, returning the annoyed glare. “You would have done the world a favour, pal.”

She had little more patience for him. For moment, all was quiet in the Undercity. The synthetic gave the cyborg another once over, crossing arms snuggly against her small chest. Without so much as another sound the creature stalked off further down the alleyway.




"Oh no. Nonono." The Cyborg muttered, shaking his head and crossing his arms. "No I am not doing this. I am not, you cannot convince me otherwise…. fucking dammit."

Curse his curious and empathetic nature. “You hold up one fucking second!” He called, hurriedly walking after her and slinging his chain-guns back on to his ammo feed. “Okay now here’s the deal. When someone’s being an ass, you usually punch, kick, or slap the fucker. Not pull a knife.” He stated. “Now you’ve been acting funny… well funnier, since I got here, possibly before.” He observed, keeping pace with her to the best of his abilities. “Something’s up with you, and even if you are a complete fucking asshat I find myself obliged to at least ask what.” He stated.

"I at least owe you for telling me this is fucking Mars after all."

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“Come on, I don’t mind you right up close.”

"More than likely," she shrugged. 

"I’d go with proably definitely. " He muttered, shifting slightly and getting comfortable.

She chuckled again. “Comfy..?”

He gave a nod, followed by a rumbling purring sound again. “Yep.”

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Your character walking in on mine naked.

The good news is, Vanyrin would finally get to see Toaster without any of his armour.

The potentially bad news was she would also see his scars, biolights, pipes grafted into his skin, and his bare ass. As soon as he heard the door open, Toaster glanced over his shoulder to see who was there, promptly let out an un-cyborg-like yelp, and attempted to cover himself to the best of his ability.


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I’ll use a random number generator and respond to…

1. Your character walking in on mine naked.
2. Your character walking in on mine on the toilet.
3. Your character walking in on mine having a tea party with stuffed animals.
4. Your character walking in on mine in the shower.
5. Your character walking in on mine waking from a nightmare.
6. Your character walking in on mine kissing a stranger.
7. Your character walking in on mine making a shady transaction.
8. Your character walking in on mine in a revealing costume.
9. Your character walking in on mine in bed with someone.
10. Your character walking in on mine being attacked by a masked assailant.
11. Your character walking in on mine waiting in bed for them.
12. Your character walking in on mine singing at the top of their lungs.
13. Your character walking in on mine watching pornography.
14. Your character walking in on mine in the middle of a mental breakdown.
15. Your character walking in on mine piss drunk.
16. Your character walking in on mine having a heart attack.
17. Your character walking in on mine having an embarrassing fall.
18. Your character walking in on mine throwing up.
19. Your character walking in on mine masturbating.
20. Your character walking in on mine… [mun’s choice]

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For my muse in a randomly generated costume.
(Sorry If You Reblog I Can’t Include A Number Generator)

1. A loosely fitting dress shirt and dress pants
2. Only a hoodie that’s too big
3. A maid outfit
4. A sexy nurse’s outfit
5. Lingerie
6. Thigh high boots and underwear
7. Your muse’s oversized shirt
8. Bunny ears and white briefs with bunny tail attached to back of them
9. A pair of boxers
10. Very tight clothes

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rogue-knifehead asked: ♛ :If your muse were a ruler, how would they use their power?

Toaster thinks he would make a bad ruler. He’s not particularly good at being a leader, preferring to work alone or in very small groups at most.

If he were to become a ruler however, he would try to be fair and just despite his rampancy. He would have zero tolerance for slavers though, and would probably have them punished.


"Lucky you," she muttered, although if she had known more about him she wouldn’t have said that.

She loaded the guns before trying another hit, this time selecting a more precise weapon. She wasn’t a sharp shooter, but she had the intention of becoming one. A well-placed gunshot could be more dangerous than a bunch of them.

"I don’t think this has unlimited ammo, does it?" that would be just too good to be true. But maybe she was being ungrateful now; she had a ship, one that worked perfectly. It was too bad Decepticons didn’t know too much the use of the word thank you.

He glanced out at the exploding asteroid as she spoke, seeming slightly distant as he responded, simply saying “Yeah… lucky me.”

He was snapped back yet again by her firing the precision weapon, the Hyperion clapping its manipulators together as the Cyborg laughed. “Fucking fantastic. Were you a ship’s gunner before? You’ve got a knack for this.” He chuckled, watching the debris of the Asteroid sail out in all directions.

At her question, he sighed, and the Hyperion shook its head. “Nah. I’m still working on unlimited ammo. It’s turning out to be much harder than it first sounded.” He admitted. “There is a supply of ammunition for the missiles and rail guns in the hold..” He informed her. “It should keep you ticking over for a while, gimme a shout if you’re getting low and I’ll see if I can’t send some your way. Don’t worry about the lasers and particle cannons and stuff. They can just run off standard energy cells, though they will need to recharge after prolonged use.”