Alpha Class Cyborg unit 64
::Alpha Class Cyborg unit 64::
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whateverimdeadpool asked: "Oh you haven't heard of her? She's super awesome and kicks so much ass it's not even funny! I wish I could fight like her, but then that would require me to be almost naked and my clothes be made out of my hair. No thanks."

"Yeah I gotta admit, it does sound a bit kinky. Still, she sounds kinda badass, gotta hand it to her."

((Come to think of it does anyone want to RP with the innocent robo nerdbaby Kaiser?))

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1. Pick one of your muses.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your character
3. Tag five people to do this meme~

1. What is your name?

Formal identification; Kaiser.

1.1 what is your real name?

Ironclad unit Delta Thirty.

2. Do you know why you were called that?

Due to my current state being the thirtieth upgrade to the Delta platform.

3. Are you single or taken?


4. Have any abilities or powers?

Flight, high speed computing capability. 

5. Stop being a Mary Sue!

I do not understand. Request; define ‘Mary Sue’.

6. What’s your eye color?

Optical sensor colour is variable. Default is green.

7. How about your hair color?

This is non applicable to this platform.

8. Have you any family members?

Father and unit Seriscarza.

9. Oh? What about pets?

One Earth feline. Breed; Scottish Fold. Identification; Sausage. 

10. That’s cool I guess, now tell me about something you don’t like.

Hostile units.

11. Do you have any hobbies/activities you like doing?

Cooking, assisting father, reading, viewing old Earth entertainment.

12. Ever hurt anyone before?


13. Ever….killed anyone before?

…Affirmative. Self defense protocol states that should hostile units intend to destroy this unit, this unit should defend itself by any means necessary.

14. What kind of animal are you?

This question does not apply to me. I am a Cybernetic life form.

15. Name your worst habits.

I am told that I trust too easily.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

Father, Seiscarza, various heroes from the Earth entertainment series ‘Kamen Rider’.

17. Gay, straight, or bisexual?


18. Do you go to school?


19. Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?


20. Do you have any fanboys/Fangirls?

This unit is not aware of any fanatics at this time.

21. What are you most afraid of?

Hostile units.

22. What do you usually wear?

This unit is equipped with specialised composite armour, to allow for protection against most fire arms, while remaining light enough for sustained flight.

23. Do you love someone?


24. When was the last time you wet yourself?


25. Well, it’s not over yet!


26. What class are you?(High class, middle class, low class)

This unit is a flight capable Ironclad platform. 

27. How many friends do you have?


28. What are your thoughts on pie?

Pie: Form of baked good of Earth origin. Can be savoury or sweet. Status: Enjoyable.

29. Favourite drink?

Juice. Preferred flavour: orange.

30. What’s your favourite place?

Planet Aleph Five. Aleph system fifth planet. Atmosphere condition: Breathable.

31. Are you interested in someone~

I am interested in many beings, for different reasons.

32. What’s your bra cup size and/or how big is your willy?


33. Would you rather swim in the lake or the ocean?

Oceanic environments are preferred..

34. What’s your type?

I am an Ironclad Delta Platofrm.

35. Any fetishes?


36. Seme or uke?

I do not understand these terms. Request information.

37. Camping or indoors?

This unit holds no preference.

38. Are you wanting the quiz to end?

This unit is willing to answer more inquiries.

39. Now it’s over! Tag five people.

I do not wish to tag anyone. If you wish to answer these inquiries, you may consider this your invitation.

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So this is what I was up till midnight building. Was it worth it?

Hell yes it was worth it.

The entire kit was a fun build, and looks absolutely fantastic upon completion. Had a few issues with parts popping off here and there, but nothing major.

So yeah this is what I was up to when I should’ve been doing replies.))

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((Sorry for the lack of activity, it was a long day but I have tomorrow morning completely free so, I’ll do replies then.))

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((All replies done offline for now.)


Eventually she’d reach the ground again, on the other side of the massive wall. Still it didn’t seemed like any patrols were near and no guards either. Perhaps they had a mission or something alike. Still chances were given that they wouldn’t be gone for all-too long. Better hurry up and get this thing open.

After a minute or two the heavy gate would slowly open up, with an loud metallic noise. Surely this would draw attention to the duo and the sooner they’d get through the better. Reason why she’d gesture him to follow, as soon as the gate would let him through.

He heard the gate before he saw it open, and immediately did his best to bolt for it. He slipped through and slid to a halt next to her, the expression behind his visor relieved and somewhat gleeful. “Nicely done mate!” He said, giving her a friendly pat on the back before starting to move again, briefly throwing a glance over his shoulder.

"No one’s following, let’s move it on out before anyone does!" He exclaimed, his eyes immediately scanning the area for an alley to duck into or cover to get behind should someone start attacking them. "Not far to our destination now, right?"

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"Okay, what the hell were you drinking when you made this and why does it keep threatening to meltdown?" Avon laid the bowl of soup down and tried to follow the wires to where they lead. "And how did you hook up a microwave to a damn nuclear generator without it exploding." The Elsen had picked up the bowl of the soup and sipped it. "Mmm, even though that thing could explode at any minute, this is pretty good soup."

"Vodka. Lots of vodka. I also liquidised a burrito at one point apparently." He shuddered visibly at that last part. "As for the wiring the nuclear generator to the microwave… still figuring that bit out." He admitted sheepishly. "Still, glad you like the soup, and it’s not gonna explode now the spatula’s in it. We’re safe for the time being."

He paused, then pointed at the Elsen. “Still didn’t catch your name. I’m Toaster. Doctor Jakob Toaster, friends call me Doc or Toaster.”

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"Yeah but its not has fun," he chuckled in embarrassment, blushing. "Guess I’m caught, so you better tell me what you’re doing out here all alone with all that equipment. ‘ 

He sighed. “You got me. I can’t argue with fun… at least not in this case.” He patted him on the soldier gently. “You aren’t the only one who’s caught though. Alright, I’ll tell ya.” He made a sweeping gesture to the woods around them.

"Somewhere out here somethings emitting a distress signal. A faint one, but it’s there. This gear’s gonna help me track it down." He explained, a definite hint of excitement in his voice.

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"They’re not that good… It’s just something I do to pass the time…" He shrugged a bit, avoiding eye contact. "I do portraits sometimes… Most of the time they’re just… scribbles, I guess… Just whatever’s on my mind…"

He sighed and shook his head. “Aw c’mon man, don’t say that. There’s no such thing as a bad painting.” He paused, and then raised his hands  ”I’m not gonna like, ask you to show me them if you don’t wanna though.” He assured Doug. “That’d be fuckin’ rude.”